The Taito Egret II Mini console arrives in the West


Previously announced for release in Japan, United Games Entertainment, the publishers of Taito’s games in the West, have revealed that the Taito Egret II Mini will also be released in English.

The mini console is shaped like a tiny arcade machine with a rotating screen for shooting games. The joystick will also be changeable from eight to a four-stop controller. The console will come with 40 games from the Taito library preinstalled, with games released from 1978 through 1997.

There will also be an expansion pack called the Paddle and Trackball Game Expansion Set which includes a controller and 10 additional games on an SD card. These games include Strike Bowling, Arkanoid, and Plump Pop, with the remaining seven games yet to be announced.

Pirate Pete Credit: Taito

The 40 games included in the base console in Japan are:

Space Invaders, Moon Rescue, Steelworker, Lupine the Third, Qix, Pirate Pete, Adventure Canoe, Elevator Action, Chack n Pop, Outdoor Zone, Fairyland Story, The Legend Of Kage, Halley’s Comet, Bubble Bobble, Kiki Kaikai, Scramble Formation, Rainbow Islands, Ramais, The New Zealand Store, Tatsujin, Dondokodon, Volvied, Lutte contre la violence, Cadash, Liquid Kids, Gun Frontier, Runark, Hat Trick Hero, The Ninja Kids, Metal Black, Rayforce, Kaiser Knuckle, Darius Gaiden, Bubble Symphony, Elevator Action Return, Dan Ku Ga, Puzzle Bobble 2x and Memories of bubbles.

There is no date set for the planned release, but United Games Entertainment has said there will be different editions of the console available. Each edition will have some variation. More information on the release will be available “soon”.

Separately, former EA’s director of product marketing from 2000 to 2003, Kim Salzer, said in an interview that he plans to release a Harry potter Themed MMO, but abandoned the project, believing the franchise would only last “a year or two.”


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