Three New England States Best to Visit in Fall


America’s Cradle, New England is made up of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.. Mentioning all these states, breathtaking landscapes of vast lakes, high mountains, lighthouses and sandy beaches, as well as stunning history including colonial streets and Heroes of the Revolutionary War, in addition to mouth-watering dishes like maple syrup, blueberry pie and fresh lobsters, cross the mind of any traveler. The region is full of interesting towns, cultural sites, quaint towns and outdoor experiences at every turn. This fall, tourists can experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the fiery foliage of Vermont, the jagged coast of Maine, the scenic mountains of New Hampshire, and many other enchanting places that will make their visitors’ heads spin out of their splendor. Faced with such magnificent states, travelers do not know where to start or where to go. Therefore, here are the three New England states that are best visited in the fall.


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This is why travelers should visit Vermont in the fall

The beauty of Vermont secretly approaches its visitors and infiltrates them like music. They suddenly become aware that they are hypnotized. When tourists think of the most scenic spots in Vermont, they first remember the times when they stopped and felt its unassuming beauty envelop them. Two of the most splendid places in winter are Green Mountain National Forest which is located in central Vermont, and Woodstock, the hub of the scenic canyon of Quechee Gorgewhich is a place of outstanding natural beauty.

Outstanding Photos of Green Mountain National Forest

The Green Mountains defy their name at this time of year and take on a tapestry of yellows, oranges, reds and coppery hues. Although there are excellent hiking trails nearby, some tourists prefer to spend their time traveling winding rural roads to see the many villages and picture-perfect agricultural fields ripening in the warm October light. Each is home to sprawling colonial homes or farmhouses, gnarled apple trees and carved pumpkins perched on stone walls.

  • Activities: Hiking, camping, photography and more

The charm of Woodstock

With rolling fields, covered bridges and a manicured Main Street, Woodstock epitomizes New England. It’s a beautiful place in the summer, charming in the winter and breathtaking in the fall. Woodstock is a great destination if travelers are looking for a small community in New England where they can take a weekend break in the fall. Leaf-watching is likely to be visitors’ main pastime, as the leaves will burst in late September and early October. Plus, they may like to indulge themselves with apples, cheese, and more. Vermont Delightsas well as a variety of seasonal specialties in the many excellent restaurants nearby.

Reasons to Visit New Hampshire in the Fall

One of the best places in the United States to view leaves in the fall is New Hampshire. Moving the leaves around the state can be experienced in a variety of ways, including lake cruises, kayaking, scenic driving, hiking, as well as train and gondola travel. The most beautiful places to experience fall in New Hampshire are the adorable little towns and cities such as Meredith, even if the big cities are picturesque in themselves. However, the splendor of The White Mountains is a must.

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Enchanting views and bridge of the White Mountains

The White Mountains, located on the border between Maine and New Hampshire, are home to crystal clear alpine lakes, steep granite cliffs and large protected forests of ash, pine, oak and maple. The marvelous views are an endless panorama of shining trees on steep slopes, which tourists look down from the mountain tops or down to their forested slopes. To get there, some tourists begin their journey by jacksonwhere they can see this small town best known for its amazing barn red covered bridge.

Meredith’s Fall Activities

Meredith, New Hampshire is one of the best places in New England to experience fall foliage. The city is located near the marvelous Lake Winnipesaukee. This exceptional area offers a variety of fall activities while being surrounded by the beautiful foliage that New England is famous for. Tourists can visit the pumpkin patch at Sheep Farm and discover one of the most beautiful cornfields in New Hampshire. They can also take a trip on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad Fall Foliage Train to see brilliant golds and burnt oranges up close. Around Lake Winnipesaukee, there is also a ton of fun to experience!

Here’s Why Maine Is An Incredible Off-Shoulder Season Destination

Maine is the perfect destination to visit in the fall when a palette of fall colors spills over everything and lets it pop. With its beautiful lakes, rocky coastline, wild woods and bustling tourist towns, this amazing state is a must-see. There’s a ton of things to do in Maine in the fall, whether tourist plans involve an exciting canoe trip, a relaxing walk, or the last lobster roll of the year. Fall vacation spots in this amazing state include Acadia National Park and Bethel, both of which offer nature and adventure.

Acadia National Park fiery foliage

One of the best seasons to explore the hypnotic Acadia National Park is autumn. The foliage is beautiful, crowds are minimal, and the temperature is cool. Early September often has perfect weather, but towards the end of the month the mercury begins to drop. Peak time for fall foliage varies from year to year, although it usually occurs between October 13 and 22. Many treks and places exist for hiking and camping, and they offer stunning views of cliffs and seaside coves.

  • Best time: The best time to visit Acadia National Park is between September and mid-October.

Fascinating panorama of Bethel

The best way to see the changing leaves of this bewitching mountain village is on foot. Appalachia, Grafton Notch State Parkand the White Mountain National Forest Trails are just a few of the well-known hiking trails accessible from Bethel. Tourists can also hike in the amazing Androscoggin River Recreational Trailwhich is home to unusual fauna and magnificent vegetation.


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