Toms River Police Statement Chaotic 4th of July


Crowds and chaos describe the scene during the 4e July holidays. As you have probably heard, the 4e of the July weekend brought a large number of people to Ortley Beach.

Thanks to social media, it is extremely easy for gatherings like this to take place.

Aside from the streets being flooded with people, there were bigger issues with the fireworks on the beach and around town.

Yuheng Mei, Unsplash

Yuheng Mei, Unsplash

This incident definitely sparked a debate within my family. I have two daughters, and fortunately far too young for this to be a problem any time soon.

The question is, would I let her and her friends go to a pop-up party like this.

I mean, it’s a beach town.

Summer promises to be a bit noisy.

Summer is supposed to be fun. It’s not like these kids are wandering the streets of New York just a few blocks from where their parents hang out. They are literally down a street, in a beach town.

Do I have an answer to this question, “whether or not I would let my daughters participate?” I really do not know.

I think kids will be kids. Obviously, there has to be a level of respect.

During this incident, there were pockets of problems.

Arrests, fights and property damage.

What is a pop-up party?

It is exactly what it sounds like. Children and young adults are alerted via social networks, Tiktok, Instagram, Snap Chat and even Facebook, with the time and place of the gathering.

As you can see, Quick Messaging works. Hundreds and thousands flood the streets whenever it is safe.

According to Toms River’s Instagram post on the 4e of July incident and weekend. Needless to say there was a lot of activity.

Toms River Police statistics from the weekend of July 4, 2022:

  • Total number of calls for the entire holiday weekend: 628
    Range: 195 (30% of whole city calls)
  • Fireworks for the whole city 108
    Beach 3
  • Call for disorderly conduct for the whole city: 75
    Range: 11

There should be a balance, during the summer months, of allowing people to have a good time while having the respect to leave things as they left them.

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