WALTERS COLUMN: Deep South Hunting, Camping Adventure | Recreation


The three of us hunted here this fall for the first time and had no idea about the flooding until we arrived. Neither Tom nor I saw a deer. Selina has seen two males, but we are in a management zone where the males must be 15 inches inside width or a beam at least 18 inches in length.

Our seven day permit which would allow us to harvest up to three males, but only one per day, also gave us permits for small game and waterfowl and cost $ 185.00.

The main goal of Selina and I was actually to harvest a good sized pig because it was a different species than what we see in Wisconsin. Wild pigs are looked down upon by a large percentage of the southern population because of the damage they do to the forest, agriculture and potentially fawns and turkeys.

Our camp was on a bayou, and we had another campsite in our area that was occupied by longtime hunter and super cool guy Bob Harvey, his friends and family. Bob is Mississippi’s first seven-level black belt and was an instructor for fifty years.

On day one Bob named Selina “Yankee Girl” and that’s all she’s been called all week. We were in camp for seven days and Bob, who was there for 14 days, didn’t start hunting until the day after we left because, as he said, “everything is nocturnal in this heat”.

We had never been where we camped / hunted so we lived exploring by canoe and on foot. We were canoeing the bayou from camp and eventually found some animals that in my case were walking a little over half a mile after the same canoe adventure.


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