Watch Spike Mat arrest a driver being chased by police in Poland, ME


Things got pretty crazy in Poland, Maine when a driver driving a Service Master van was chased by police.

Not much is known about the chase other than Androscoggin County deputies were in pursuit of a driver and deployed a spiked mat that disabled the vehicle at the corner of Maine Street and Brown Road in Poland, right next to Poland Primary School.

Two people were shooting video of the chase from two different angles as the chase descended the hill into the village of Poland. Jon Cadman was pulled over on Maine Street/Route 26 by a Sherrif Deputy who was ahead of the chase to make sure traffic stayed clear.

Cadman’s video shows a spiked mat being deployed as two unconscious drivers descend the hill. The deputy who deploys the carpet signals them to pass quickly because he knows that the pursuit is not far.

Both cars clear the area just in time for the spiked mat to be pulled into the road for the driver to hit it and bring the vehicle to a stop.

Taylor Dawn Brown had just returned from a trip to the grocery store and captured this video showing a better angle of the spiked mat deployed.

A Facebook scanner group has an account of what they have hard on the police scanner that says the Service Master van was stolen in Saco and the chase started on Route 121 in Otisfield before ending Poland. Keep in mind though that these scanner groups are not official incident reports and do not always report accurate information.

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