Where to find a Quadcrasher Crackshot in Fortnite


FortniteThe Winterfest challenge on December 29 asks players to “Travel 1000 meters on a Crackshot QuadcrasherHere’s what they are and the best places to find them on the map to complete a relatively easy daily challenge.

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Before we dive into what the Crackshot Quadcrasher is and where to find it, here’s a quick reminder of the challenges of Winterfest. From December 16 to January 6, players can complete Winterfest Daily Challenges that provide 18,000 XP and add up for a total number to unlock exclusive cosmetics. After completing seven challenges, you will unlock the Snowmando Board Glide and get the Frosty Back Bling after ten challenges. We have a full list of each challenge here, and it’s important to note that you can complete the challenges after the day they start.


To meet today’s challenge, players must travel 1,000 meters on a Crackshot Quadcrasher. The first part of the challenge is figuring out which of Fortnite’s many vehicles is, although the clue is in the name and accent of Winterfest.

What is a Quadcrasher Crackshot


A Crackshot Quadcrasher is a winter-themed ATV that can be found on the Fortnite map in Season 3. It is a vehicle specializing in off-road travel and that can be found together. places on the map. You will instantly be able to tell that you have found it as it is decorated in a distinctly Christmas style.

The Crackshot Quadcrasher has candy cane antlers, a nutcracker face, and peppermint wheels. You really can’t miss it when you meet one.

Where to find a Crackshot Quadcrasher

The Crackshot Quadcrasher appears in several places on the Fortnite map. They can most often be found next to gas stations, but there are a few other places where they can appear as well. If you’re worried about meeting other players on the map, try going for some of the less obvious locations. Take a look at where we placed the blue objective marker to see where the Crackshot Quadcrasher will appear.

Logjam Lumberyard gas station

Gas stationLogJam

Here’s one of the places most gamers will go to get the Crackshot Quadcrasher. AT west of Logjam Lumberyard is a gas station, and Crackshot Quadcrashers will be available on the left side of the station.

Cabin south of Logjam Lumberyard


Speaking of Logjam Lumberyard, if you’re near this area but don’t want to fight all the other Fortnite players trying to complete this challenge, there is a small hut south of Logjam Lumberyard which will have two Crackshot Quadcrashers next to it. It’s a good choice if you see a lot of players trying to get to the nearby gas station.

Cabin near Lake Logjam Lumberyard


Do you see a pattern here? It’s true, Logjam Lumberyard has quite a few Crackshot Quadcrasher spawning grounds. This is another good one if you don’t want to encounter too many enemies. South of Logjam Lumberyard lake is a small hut which will have two of the vehicles next to it.

Greasy grove


Crackshot Quadcrashers will appear outside the canoe shop in Greasy Grove, right next to the entrance and next to the caravan.

Gas station southwest of Shifty Shafts


Finally out of the Logjam Lumberyard mines and towards Shifty Shafts. Southwest of Shifty Shafts is another gas station and, as you might expect, there are a few Crackshot Quadcrashers that will appear alongside.

Rocky Reels gas station


A little lower on the map than the other choices, there is a gas station southwest of Rocky Reels that will have Crackshot Quadcrashers ready to go.

How to meet the challenge


While it might seem simple enough to jump on the vehicle and travel 1000 yards, there are a few things to remember before taking on this challenge. To start, you are going to have several other players trying to complete the challenge at the same time as you, which means that you are very likely to find the Crackshot Quadcrasher spawn slots filled with other players.

Don’t worry too much about this, as most players will start fighting before they jump on the Quadcrasher. You will want to jump on one of them and head in any direction to try to reach the distance of 1000 meters. To help you out, it is essential to note that the Quadcrasher is faster off-road than on land, performing opposite to most other vehicles in the game. If you want to try to achieve the required distance of 1000 meters the most quickly as possible, try to drive off-road as much as possible.

Once the challenge is completed, you will be rewarded with 18,000 experience points and be a challenge closer to back unlock and glider.

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