William-Thomas Room | Obituary


William Thomas Hall SPRINGFIELD, VT – Tom Hall, never known as William Thomas Hall, paddled into the sunset with the perfect J-stroke on June 3, 2022. Launching a wooden canoe from his dock on the Black River in Springfield, VT, it cut a towering figure as it blended into the morning river mist. He was 79 years old, and he was a miserable grumpy old man. He didn’t look back. Tom is survived by his four above average children, Andrew, Amalia, Abigail and Natalie. He has two surviving grandsons, Harper and Trevor. He reveled in Harper’s music and Trevor’s many sporting achievements. He is predeceased by his wife of over 50 years, Susan Tubman Hall. Tom also leaves behind his longtime roommate and very good pal, Randall Porter. Tom was born in Racine, WI on January 15, 1941 to Isobel Holm Jensen and William Clifford Hall. Tom was an only child, adored by his mother and aunts, an experience that led to the development of a rich inner landscape rarely shared with others. He attended Washington Park High School, where he met Susan. They married in 1967. After joining VISTA, they moved to Springfield, Vermont, where they opened and taught at a school for students with disabilities, and began their great parenting adventure together. Tom then ran a gas station in Springfield, which served as a placement opportunity for local children in need of support and direction. Around 1980, the business morphed into the Springfield Redemption Center, world famous for its catchy motto, “Let us get our hands on your cans.” Over the years, Tom fed his insatiable curiosity by attending various college programs in the Midwest and New England, including the Dominican Republic, UW-Milwaukee, Carthage, Goddard, and Antioch New England. He was a Renaissance man, a lifelong learner whose interests covered a wide variety of themes. He was happiest frolicking in boats, designing wild creations of all kinds, communing with nature, and drunkenly pontificating. He loved music, old boats and cars that didn’t run, political speeches, gardening, good beer and dark spirits, dreams and intrigue. He left a ventricle on Swan’s Island. His children have fond memories of building boats, karts and potato cannons with him, as well as early morning fishing trips in Muckross and boating adventures on the local waterways. Tom was proud and connected to his Danish heritage. Her family reaped the rewards of most holidays in the form of Layer Cakes and Danish Kringles. Tom was a painfully private person, few knew him well. He had nine lives, which he intelligently lived simultaneously. Tom will be remembered by those who knew him best for his booming baritone, bold laugh, stellar whistling skills, incredible intelligence, quick wit, dark humor and mercurial personality. Oh, and that weird pink knit hat with the little bell on top. There will be a hopefully loud party to celebrate Susan and Tom at the Crown Point Country Club on Sunday, October 9, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please join us!


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