Wye Navigational Advisory Committee (WyeNAC)


The Wye Navigation Advisory Committee (WyeNAC) was established by the Environment Agency under the Wye Navigation Order 2002. This group, whose composition is set out in the Order, includes a forum appointed to from a broad and comprehensive list of representative groups.

The challenge for the Environment Agency and the various user groups is to manage the waterway in such a way as to satisfy all interests while respecting our obligations. The WyeNAC will have a vital role in helping the Environment Agency balance these interests while protecting the unique nature of the river.

The Wye Navigation Advisory Committee meets in the spring and fall.

Meeting dates

  • Tuesday, April 26, 2022
  • Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Members of the public and the press are invited to attend as observers. To attend a meeting or request copies of approved agendas, documents or minutes, please email [email protected]


name Navigation order reference Nominating/representing body (interests represented)
Vacant Part II 3.2 (A) Owners/operators of pleasure craft for rent (owners/operators of pleasure craft for rent)
Chris Pierce Part II 3.2 (B) Outdoor Adventure Centers (Outdoor Adventure Centers)
Vacant Part II 3.2 (C) Inland Waterways Association (general recreational boating)
Peter Phil Part II 3.2 (D) Canoe Wales (canoeists on the upper rivers and their tributaries)
John Hatton Part II 3.2 (E) British Canoeing (canoeists on the main rivers and their tributaries)
Patricia Hales Part II 3.2 (F) Herefordshire Amateur Rafters Committee (Rafters)
Al Butler Part II 3.2 (G) Hereford, Monmouth & Ross Rowing Clubs (rowers)
Chris Mills Part II 3.2 (H) Salmon and Trout Conservancy and Angling Trust (Anglers)
Pierre Horsburgh Part II 3.2 (I) Wye Catchment Conservators (fishery owners)
Vacant (CLBA currently represented by CLBAW) Part II 3.2 (J) Country Land and Business Association (riparian owners of major rivers and their tributaries)
Charles DeWinton Part II 3.2 (K) Country Land and Business Association (Wales) (riparian owners of headwaters and their tributaries)
Vacant Part II 3.2 (L) Herefordshire, Radnorshire, Gwent and Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trusts (wildlife and conservation groups)
Andrew Blake Part II 3.2 (M) Wye Valley AONB (Wye Valley AONB)
Councilor Elissa Swinglehurst Part II 3.2 (N) Herefordshire Council (local interests)
Councilor Terry Hale Part II 3.2 (O) Gloucester County Council (local interests)
Customer Sid Phelps Part II 3.2 (P) Forest of Dean District Council (local interests)
Councilor Jane Pratt Part II 3.2 (Q) Monmouthshire County Council (local interests)
Clr Kelvyn Curry Part II 3.2 (R) Powys County Council (local interests)
Dave Drewett Part II 3.2 (S) Natural Resources Wales
Claire Minet Part II 3.2 (T) natural england
Vacant Part II 3.2 (U) Sport England and Sports Council for Wales
n / A Part II 3.2 (V) Wye Management Advisory Group (disbanded)
Rebecca MacDonald-Lofts Part II 3.2 (W) President
Graham Symonds co-opted River Wye Canoe Hire Association
Pierre Horsburgh co-opted Wye and Usk Foundation

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