You can navigate a water maze near Ottawa and you’ll paddle until the sun sets


There is a mystical water maze that you can navigate by boat, just 30 minutes from the city of Ottawa. No matter how you prefer to paddle, by canoe, paddle board or pedal boat, you can explore a hidden marsh and discover wildlife.

Parc Éco-Odyssée in Wakefield, Quebec offers a water maze through the swamps and different ways to adventure that you can experience day or night.

There are several difficulty levels for daytime water adventures, depending on how hard you want to test your wildlife knowledge. You can also choose an evening adventure where you paddle at sunset or under the stars.

During the day, you will choose your adventure according to the level of difficulty and the type of boat. The walk is an easy paddle through the maze, the discoverer is also easy but will allow you to identify clues to local wildlife and the third option, the spotter, is rated intermediate to difficult when identifying clues to find Clue Island.

There are three evening adventures that would surely make for a magical date night. The Twighlight tour will have you gazing at glowing sunsets over the water maze, feeling nature surround you at dusk. The Moonlight Adventure will have you paddling under the glow of the moon and ends with a campfire and snacks. Both of these tours are available on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Perseid Night Tour gives you the chance to spot shooting stars from the peaceful waters of the marsh. There are only two weeks left to enjoy this nighttime experience, from August 1 to 15. An adventure map will guide you along the way. Bring your flashlight for the late nights!

Keep your eyes peeled for creatures, from turtles to beavers, that might swim alongside you as you paddle. Each adventure lasts about two hours, and tickets start at $40 per person, depending on the tour and type of watercraft rented.

There’s also a new immersive storytelling experience this year that will transport you to an enchanted world. This magical experience takes place on Fridays and Saturdays and ends with a campfire.

Eco Odyssey

Price: $40+ per person

When: Open from May 14, 2022

Address: 52 Chem. des Sources, Wakefield, QC

Why you have to go: You can choose your ultimate adventure to navigate a swampy water maze in the sun, during golden hour or under the stars.



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