How to get Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley



Go to Moana’s Kingdom and get the Disney character Dreamlight Valley

The gameplay of Disney Dreamlight Valley requires the player to obtain various characters, such as Wall-E, Remy, and Moana, to get rid of the darkness of the land. So those who want to know how to get moana in-game can follow this guide to acquire this crucial team member.

Get Moana at Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many characters you can meet along the way in Disney Dreamlight Valley. One, in particular, is Moana, a valuable member you must have in your kingdom. Here is a step by step guide on how to get this character:

  1. Enter the tropical kingdom of Moana.

    Once you’ve acquired enough Dreamlight to enter Dream Castle, you can go through Moana’s Gate, which has a distinct symbol from the movie’s storyline (Merlin will call it “The Ocean with the Demigod”.)

  2. Talk to Moana and gather materials.

    Moana will ask you to help her on a mission to find a rich fishing spot. During this time, you must find eight Woods and three Silks to aid him in this quest; they can be found scattered around the shores of the beach and digging up glittery spots with your shovel.

    Collect items for Moana
  3. Give the items to Moana and talk to Maui.

    After giving Moana the Wood and Silk, you need to talk to Maui, who can tell you how to clear the debris blocking the canoe. Also, he’ll only give you this information by completing a test (you’ll have to go back to Moana and ask her about her past adventures.)

  4. Run the Maui test.

    The answers to Maui’s test in Disney Dreamlight Valley are: “Maui, Shapeshifter, Demigod of the Wind and Sea, hero to all!” “, “Eels! and “Shapeshifting!”

    Maui's test at Disney Dreamlight Valley
  5. Clear the blockage near the canoe.

    It’s time to use your new Maui powers by clearing the debris near the canoe.

    Next step in Moana's quest at Disney Dreamlight Valley
  6. Go on a journey to find the “rich fishing spot” for Moana.

    You will start your sea adventure and explore a few places after talking to Moana and Maui. Players must select different locations and analyze the environment of each, such as the wrecked ship, sea stack, small islands, and coral reef. Be aware that you will need to examine the strange map memory to participate in this journey.

    Location of the fishing spot in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  7. Get the torch at Coral Reef.

    Once you’ve traveled to all the locations, you can grab the torch from Coral Reef and give it to Moana. Because of this, you can ask him to sail through the mist to get to the fishing spot.

    Taking up the torch at Disney Dreamlight Valley
  8. Use your fishing rod to pick up a special fish.

    You will see a yellow fishing circle at the designated location, where you can get Albino Tuna. Players must give this item to Moana to convince her to come to Dreamlight Valley.

    Fishing in the Disney Dreamlight Valley
  9. Return to Dreamlight Valley and talk to Scrooge McDuck.

    You can place Moana’s house in your kingdom by paying 2,000 Star Coins to Scrooge McDuck. Then you can open the Furniture tab in the menu and select his house, completing your mission to get the character.

    Place Moana's house

Now that you know how to get moana in disney dreamlight valley, you can collect more characters by transporting them to other realms. Before you go, you can check out the relevant links below and check out our guide to Founder’s Pack Editions.


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